Places we take you : Savane des Esclaves slavery and heritage museum

Sep 2, 2017 | culture and heritage, places we take you

La Savane des Esclaves is a heritage site situated in the town of les Trois-Ilets, and one of the most interesting and touching places to visit on the island to learn more about the slavery period and the abolition. Hop on to our South Caribbean – tour to go here and learn tons about the island’s history and traditions. Our plus is that you’ll get a private, customizable guided visit by Meri, instead of joining the site’s guided visit (which is only in French).

Savane des Esclaves  was opened in 2004 by Gilbert Larose, who built the place from scratch with his family and friends without any grants or outside help. The site has been evolving ever since, and is now also wheelchair accessible and since last year  features new huts dedicated to the teaching of the slavery period on the island. It is a unique place to visit  in Martinique as it really gives you an idea of how the slaves lived and survived in those days and also how the society was reorganized after the abolition of 1848.You’ll learn about the crops that were grown in Martinique as well as about the everyday life on a plantation.

The site is the only place where you can see how the “cases” (huts), that existed in Martinique until the 1960’s, were actually built and how the rural villages functioned.

La Savane is set in a beautiful garden with many flowers, fruit trees and medicinal plants. Not only will you learn about history, but also get a lot of information about the folk medicine that is still very much used on the island!

There’s also a small shop selling mostly natural and organic produce, as well as handicrafts. You can find herbal teas, vegetable oils for your skin and hair, traditional hats etc.



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