On this page you’ll find information about the current coronavirus situation and the policies in place by Anoli Tours to assure your safety. The information will be updated on a regular basis. For the most recent information (in French) please visit the official government sites here and here. 

September 2020 

In the beginning of September, coronavirus infections are increasing rapidly. The last week of August saw an increase of 190 infections. From the beginning of the epidemic a total of 939 confirmed infections have been recorded and 18 deaths. Travelers from outside the island are allowed to enter, but must have a negative test result certificate, dating 72h before the embarkation to the plane. Children under 11 are not required to do the test. 

June 2020 

In the beginning of June, the coronavirus cases have been in steady decline and there are no patients in hospital and only 197 infected persons. Since the beginning of the epidemic in March, 14 deaths due to the virus have been recorded with a total of 395 confirmed infections. 

As of June 2nd, all restaurants, beaches and shops are open and there are no restrictions to free movement on the island. External borders are still closed but travel restrictions are to be relaxed in July to some countries. 



 As long as the Covid-19 epidemic is active, the following safety measures are in place: 

– All surfaces such as door handles, seats, windows etc. are disinfected before and after each excursion and the vehicule is thouroughly cleaned and aired 

– The card reader is disinfected after each use 

– Disinfectant gel is available for the guests use and the use of masks is strongly encouraged during the excursion

– Your guide uses a mask in the van but has a bluetooth mic so you’ll be able to hear the commentary 

– Single-use masks are available for the guests use


If you have any questions or concerns about the measures in place or the covid-19 situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 


Meri Saaristo
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Phone : (+596) 696 786 705

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